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Bali Filter

Bali Filter

Laminated Side Mount Sand Filter. Aesthetic, Durable, Reliable and Easy to Operate.

The extensive range of Bali laminated sand filters are known for their reliability well as for their collector arms, which feature a larger diameter (1”) for greater filtering surface.

In addition to filter performance, aesthetics is increasingly important. The glossy laminated finish gives the filter an elegant look, for a safe unit that adapts to any type of installation.

Bali filters are made in polyester resin and fiberglass. The external layer of colorful gelcoat assures the tank is watertight an at the same time gives to the surface a high gloss end.

Available from 500mm/20” up to 900mm/36”.

Inner component materials are made of last generation plastic resins.

The maximum working pressure is 2,5Kg/cm2.

Bali sand filters are available in 1,5” and 2” connections.