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BWT Filter

BWT Filter

Bobbin Wound Top Mount Sand Filter. Strong , Reliable and Easy to Operate.

BWT sand filters have been produced for more than five years and they are well recognized by its strength and reliability.

The filter tank is made of an inner fiberglass bladder to resist implosion and high pressure capability with a gel coat layer to avoid capillarity which is then continuously wound with fiberglass strands to create a high strength vessel. This process is recognized as one of the strongest methods of manufacturing a non corrosive high strength filter tank. All components are injection molded from high strength engineering plastics.

Available from 400mm/16” up to 900mm/36”.

Inner component materials are made of last generation plastic resins.

The multiport valve is fixed with a clamp system that is easy to remove and quickly locks in place.

The maximum working pressure is 2,5Kg/cm2.

BWT sand filters go together with valve for models using 1,5” and 2” connections.