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Fiji Pump

Fiji Pump

Above ground pool pump, Reliable and Durable

Fiji is a high performance pump for above ground pools. It doesn’t matter the pool type it always works delivering the requested flow and pressure.

They are built to be easy to operate including features like, see-through lid for easy inspection. Motor materials are rustproof, stainless steel motor shaft and sealed bearings that never need lubrication and last generation plastic materials are used for the housing.

Available from 0,18Hp up to 0,3Hp. They are provided with single phase motors.

A pre-filter has been added to prevent the entry of any foreign bodies which could cause damage to the hydraulic parts of the pump.

Fiji is quiet due to its hydraulic design providing comfort when using your aboveground pool.

All the material have been selected with a unique target that is make Fiji Reliable and Durable.

Every Fiji pump is performance and pressure tested prior to shipment to ensure superior quality.

These pumps are “GS” certified.