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MRT Pump

MRT Pump

Self Priming Pump with extremely low noise level performance while works efficiently.

MRT improved new motor design that includes, (1) a new front bigger bearing improving axial efforts, (2) a bigger diameter motor flange to improve the resistance to axial stress and (3) the way the rear fan is fixed has been improved. All this improvements together with the already reliable hydraulic design of MARATHON series moves water more efficiently and more quietly than previous models.

MRT is built to be quiet, durable and reliable. Motor materials are rustproof, steel motor shaft and sealed bearings that never need lubrication. Its thermoplastic housing withstands extreme heat and resist corrosion. Available from 0,5Hp up to 3Hp in both single phase and tree phase motors.

MRT is easy to operate. A new cover nut makes easy maintenance operations in the strainer including an improved see-through lid and a large strainer. New easy-to-remove drain caps for fast winterization and less chances to leak. These and other features make it an all around pump. All the material have been selected with a unique target that is to make MRT Strong and Durable.

A pre-filter with big strainer has been integrated into the body of the pump to prevent the entry of any foreign bodies which could cause damage to the hydraulic parts of the pump.

Big strainer basket extends time between cleanings.

See through lid makes inspection fast and easy

Every MRT pump is performance and pressure tested prior to shipment to ensure superior quality.

Other options like 230V and 60Hz motors and ASTM/BS connections are available. For further information please contact with the factory.

TUV GS Certified